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COVID-19 Guidelines

2020 COVID-19 Protocols
The following are required protocols for participation at Baker/Skinner Park under the authority of San Jose Athletic Association (“SJAA”). Anyone failing to adhere to these requirements may be asked to leave the park property.
First and foremost - what should you do if you've been exposed to someone who had, if you likely had or if you did have COVID-19? Please follow guidance put forth by the CDC. Click here for details.

  • For all fields, no more than 2 coaches in the dugout for each team at any given time.  Only authorized Coaches, SJAA Board members, and rostered players are allowed on the fields.
  • There shall be no sharing of food, snacks, or drinks for practices or games.  In addition, sunflower seeds will not be allowed at the park, nor will they be sold by our concession stand.
  • Players and coaches may enter the field through the dugouts.  All equipment, drinks, bags, or anything else shall be spaced out and may be placed along the fence line on the field. 
  • Batting cages and soft toss nets are ONLY to be used with a one pitcher and one batter. Social distancing should be utilized when in waiting.
    SJAA reserves the right to restrict the number of spectators at both practices and games. 
  • Social distancing should be practiced on the bleachers.  Spectators are encouraged to bring their own seating and space out appropriately along the fence lines. 
  • Spectators should not sit within 15 feet of the 3 batting cage complexes while the respective cages are in use. 
  • Players should supply their own water bottles, sports drinks, etc.  Shared water coolers are not allowed.  Water fountains will be turned off per the City of Jacksonville.
  • There shall be no sharing of equipment by players. This includes ANY part of the uniform, gloves, bats, and catchers equipment.  If a catcher does not own or have their own equipment, they will need to purchase a set or speak with their coach about a set loaned by SJAA. 
  • Sanitizer will be provided when it is available. Families are asked to bring their own sanitizer or other means to disinfect equipment or personal belongings.
  • Bathroom doors in the main complex will remain open with doors open to provide air flow. (SJAA has hired a cleaning service to clean bathrooms at multiple intervals during the week.)
  • Our concession stand will be open on certain game nights (unfortunately we cannot be open for every game).  Only packaged foods will be sold.  While waiting in line, proper spacing and social distancing will be required.

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