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How to Host a Tournament at SJAA

Checklist and Tips for SJAA Tournaments


What has become very apparent in recent years is that running tournaments at SJAA is one of the best marketing tools we have.  A well run successful tournament benefits SJAA in many ways.  When families visit our park, they usually very much enjoy their experience and the great facilities and environment that we have. This is not by accident.  A lot of work goes into making the fields and facilities some of the best in Jacksonville.  Therefore, as a park, we need to make sure we have and maintain standards and expectations that need to be understood and met by any coach or team that wants to host a tournament at SJAA.  The following list is designed to help any tournament director plan a successful tournament at SJAA.


Ø  Pick dates for your tournament where other major tournaments aren’t already scheduled so you can ensure enough teams at yours


Ø  Make sure the fields needed to run tournament are available for those specific dates


Ø  Plan out your game schedule carefully.  Allow days for makeup games in case of rainouts and also that will be beneficial for concessions to be open.


Ø  Reach out to Janet Fitzpatrick with your tournament dates as soon as they are set so she can schedule to open concessions  [email protected]


Ø  Be prudent when inviting teams to ensure an enjoyable experience for all those coming to SJAA


Ø  Email out your flyers well in advance to secure enough teams for a successful tournament


Ø  Work with the website master for help promoting the tournament on the website and by email. Communications can be simplified by directing people to the site and by getting word out using Social media


Ø  Be sure to charge enough to cover your expenses (trophies, umpires, baseballs etc).  The host team and SJAA will split the revenue that the tournament generates.  That needs to be factored into your planning if this tournament is being used as a fundraiser for your team


Ø  If you are coaching a team in the tournament, secure a tournament director that can run the tournament in your absence.  There always needs to be someone available to address any issues during the tournament


Ø  Ensure enough help and support is obtained to prepare fields before, between, and after games (painting and chalking lines, putting out bases and paint them white for a fresh look at the start, raking and dragging, etc).  This goes along with painting logos etc on fields.  You’ll need to watch the forecast and plan for any inclement weather.  Extra help will be needed if there are rain delays. You’ll also want to confirm with the park that there is enough diamond dry on hand if needed.


Ø  Unlike during the Rec season, the tournament director will be responsible for scheduling umpires and communicating with JUA if there are any issues.  The contact for JUA is Randy Olhausen [email protected]


Ø  Prior to the tournament, you’ll need to hold a head coach meeting with all of the registered teams.  If a head coach is not available, a representative can attend instead.


Ø  Everything about the tournament should be discussed (rainout plans, game rules, seeding priorities, park rules, expectations etc). Tournament money and baseballs should also be collected at this time.


Ø  For field and park prep - communication is key giving the below parties enough time to make sure the following gets done in a timely manner

§  Coordinate with person that mows infields (currently Russ Parliment).  They should be mowed before the start of any tournament


§  Coordinate with City on mowing outfields and common grounds


§  Coordinate with City to make sure garbage is picked up prior to and during the tournament  


§  Make sure foul lines and SJ logo are painted on all fields being used.  This needs to be done after being mowed which again is important to plan appropriately


§  It’s also a nice touch to paint the bases prior to the first game each day.


§  Bathrooms should be cleaned and kept up prior to and during the tournament.  This can also be coordinated with the company that periodically cleans the bathrooms.  Make sure they are stocked with toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap.


§  If scoreboards and/or PA system are being used, make sure they are in working order and that there is a plan for using them during the tournament.



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