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Code of Conduct for SJAA Players, Families and Guests

Baker Skinner Park, by Agreement with the City of Jacksonville, is operated and controlled by the Board of Directors and Executive Board of San Jose Athletic Association (SJAA).  By attending or participating in any function operated or sanctioned by SJAA, a standard of conduct is in place at all times. We expect everyone at the Park to be courteous, pleasant, helpful, and professional toward our players, coaches, umpires, parents, visitors, suppliers, and other individuals who come in contact with the Park and the San Jose Athletic Association.  Listed below are examples of conduct that violate SJAA's code of conduct. The Board of SJAA, or its duly appointed representative, may take action based on any offense listed below, or any other offense it concludes violates this policy at any time.

  1. Violating any park policy as displayed that the entrance of the four main baseball fields on the North Side of the Parking Lot of Baker Skinner Park
  2. Fighting, disorderly conduct, assault, or any other behavior that is dangerous or disruptive while on the Property including the Baker Skinner Parking lot
  3. Possession of weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, or fireworks on our premises including parking lots, unless expressly permitted by law
  4. Use of obscene, profane, abusive, or threatening language to players, coaches, umpires, parents, suppliers or visitors while representing SJAA on or off the premises including, but not limited to, malicious gossip, spreading rumors, or any type of behavior that results in an atmosphere of discord or disrespect
  5. Negligence or any careless action that endangers the life or safety of others
  6. Engaging in criminal activity
  7. Stealing, destroying or damaging property belonging to SJAA
  8. Unauthorized or improper use of SJAA's funds, equipment, vehicles, or property
  9. Harassing, threatening, intimidating, or conduct that interferes with the performance of any players, coaches, umpires, fans or any other person or our SJAA volunteers
  10. Communication in any form claiming to represent SJAA including blogging that contains ethnic slurs, racial epithets, or other content that can be construed as harassing or disparaging to others based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, citizenship, disability, marital status, pregnancy, or other legally protected status
  11. Posting any content on social networking sites which contain content that can be construed as harassing, disparaging, maligning or harmful to the reputation of SJAA or its players, coaches, families, and volunteers
  12. Any other such reasons which may affect the efficient operation SJAA.

Any violation of SJAA's code of conduct may result in the removal of the individual, permanent prohibition to be at the Park during SJAA practices, games or events, and a notification to the City of the Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Division with a description of the behavioral violation. The Board of Directors reserves the right to update or modify the SJAA Code of Conduct at any time.

Last reviewed: 1/1/2019

For our Coaches

Failure to comply with the below may be met with disciplinary action from the Executive Board, which could include be but not limited to: additional mandatory training requirements, immediate removal as a coach, coaching suspension for the season, indefinite coaching suspension, or expulsion from park completely.

1. Establish and maintain an appropriate and open line of communication with my players and their parents. This will begin with an introductory email at the beginning of every season.

2. Adopt a coaching philosophy that is structured and designed to help every athlete achieve their maximum potential.

3. Be quick and generous with praise for every player when it is deserved. Offer constructive criticism with only the minimum level of emphasis necessary to get the message across. When a player makes an attempt to make the correct play, I will acknowledge their effort and provide continuous positive encouragement.

4. Work to continuously improve my coaching skills by studying the game, either by reading, watching or attending clinics (league sponsored clinics are mandatory) whenever possible.

5. Conduct regular practices that are designed to teach a wide array of sound baseball fundamentals, while being fun for all involved.

6. Promote and set the example of sportsmanlike conduct for my team. I will encourage my team to cheer positively for their teammates and will not tolerate any negative cheering, trash-talking, taunting or other effort intended to intentionally distract opposing players. I know that this is unsportsmanlike and is not part of the SJAA tradition.

7. Never jeopardize a player's health or well being by allowing him/her to practice or play if injured. I will follow the advice of a physician when determining when an injured child is ready to play again.

8. Never verbally or physically abuse any player, umpire or official. I understand that judgment calls (ball/strike, safe/out) are not debatable or appealable under any circumstances. I will teach my team to learn how to accept discretionary calls that go against them, and work to overcome them. I will use the appropriate methods of appeal during the game if I have a rule interpretation issue.

9. Be responsible for, monitor and take appropriate action whenever necessary to assure the proper conduct and behavior of my team, coaches, parents and fans. I will be particularly alert for verbal or physical abuse of other players, parents, umpires or officials.

10. Never use profanity in front of players or parents.

11. Never be under the influence of alcohol at a game or practice. I also understand that I cannot smoke or chew tobacco at a game or practice, which is prohibited by State law and by League rules.

12. Master the rules and teach/explain them to my team members. I will always coach and teach the game in compliance with the spirit and intent of the rules.

13. Meet and exchange cordial greetings with the opposing coach prior to the game to set the correct tone for the event. After the game, win or lose, I will require for myself and my players to shake hands and congratulate the opposing team and their coaches.
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